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ISHKAR I Four Rivers Ring

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Inspired by the four rivers of paradise, this Lapis Lazuli ring makes a unique addition to your everyday look. This ring comes in 2 sizes: M & P


  • Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla,  16 Carat Goldplate


High in the valley of Sar-e Sang in North Eastern Afghanistan lie mountains streaked with seams of deep blue rock. This iconic stone – Lapis Lazuli - has obsessed humans for millennia. Once so exclusive it was reserved for the funeral masks of Pharaohs, and for the brush tips of the Renaissance’s most renowned artists, the price of Lapis Lazuli equalled the price of gold right up until the industrial age. Afghanistan is home to the world’s largest deposit of Lapis Lazuli.

On top of the amount paid to the artisans, a further 10% of the value of this product goes towards the Turquoise Mountain Foundation. Turquoise Mountain supports Afghan artisans by providing them with three years of technical training, as well as a full range of business support following graduation.

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