Zoom ISHKAR I  Lapis Shot Glass
Zoom ISHKAR I  Lapis Shot Glass

ISHKAR I Lapis Shot Glass

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These shot glasses are each blown by hand. As a result, each glass has its own satisfyingly individual shape. Expect small variations between each piece. 

All glassware is shipped in protective packaging. 

Shipping to the UK only. Free UK shipping on orders over £150


For two thousand years Herat’s distinctive coloured glass was traded along the length of the Silk Road. Ghulam Sekhi is one of the last in this ancient line of glassblowers. In a mudbrick workshop at the base of Herat’s ancient citadel, his work is keeping this precious industry alive.

Ghulam makes glass in much the same way as it has always been made. He grinds quartz, plant ash (otherwise known as 'Ishkar'), and natural oxides together to create the vibrant colours which once made Herat’s glass so famous. He blows each individual glass by hand, and fires them in a traditional mud brick kiln.

With the local market for handblown glass drying up due to the arrival of cheap Chinese glass in Afghanistan, Ghulam Sekhi is struggling to find new apprentices. Each sale of Herati glass will help build the stability Ghulam needs for his business to grow.

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