Timeless, versatile pieces for all seasons, for all women.

A story of a people, a culture, a craft.

Makers Mark Indoi

Our Process

At Indoi we believe in a transparent process. 

Each of our garments has been very carefully considered. From the initial design to the sourcing, sampling, production and distribution of every item. We aim to honour and preserve traditional techniques whilst supporting local craftsmen, communities and businesses, particularly in Pakistan.

With the textile at the heart of each collection, we design each style based on properties of the cloth and its traditional craftsmanship. Many of our textiles are carefully hand woven  and hand embroidered and so take longer to produce.

This, coupled with the systemic problem of over production contributing to our planet´s waste, we produce very limited stock per style. Instead we offer a "made to order" service meaning we produce to demand.

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Bibi Embroidered Ecru Silk Kimono Dress


Rimi Ecru Silk Tunic Dress


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