A collection of silks, mostly hand woven from the Banaras Colony in Pakistan. With this collection we the aim to revive and shed light on the dying silk weaving craft in Pakistan.

This collection includes rich fabrics hand woven by the unsung master craftsmen who live and work in this particular neighbourhood- Banaras.

Banaras Silk Dotty Top


Bels Silk Blouse Ecru


Farah Black Silk Organza Wrap Top


Farah Nude Silk Organza Wrap Top


Farah White Silk Organza Wrap Top


Fleurita Silk Pant


Frida Silk Dot Jacket

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Joon Black Silk Neck Tie

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Olene Silk Waistcoat


Rimi Ecru Silk Tunic Dress


Riss Silk Dot Pant


Samia Silk Pant


Sarah Silk Camisole


Zof Green Silk Organza Wrap Top


Zof White Cotton Wrap Top